Rachel O'Connor

Emotional Health Coach


Chronic conditions can seem complex issues.

But my experience with my health recovery and the experience of my clients has shown me the power of embracing the mind-body connection to facilitate healing and pain relief.

So, in my practice the goal is to help you to get out of your own way and support you in developing the strategies you need to calm your mind and body and reduce stress to promote health recovery.

Find your path to calm and healing

Emotional stress can not only contribute to ill health, but also block us from finding our way back to health once dis-ease has taken over. Overcoming this will helps to get you on the path to wellbeing and wellness.

…and that is exactly what I help you to do.

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Fully booked until January 2023!

Rachel has some EXCITING new programmes starting soon to help you get your power back and accelerate your recovery.

Join the waitlist to find out when the doors open again before anyone else!

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