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It’s always a privilege and honour to be part of someone’s emotional and/or physical healing journey.  Read some of the things my inspiring and wonderful clients from around the globe say about working with me…

Gijs, Netherlands

My life right now after working with Rachel is like I have let go of those worries about my health. My worried thoughts are not controlling my days anymore, I feel more like myself, I am more active and I feel empowered towards healing.

MB, Canada

The modality of EFT and the way in which Rachel uses it is highly effective and concise. If you’re feeling stuck and weighed down in any way and not getting the results you want, Rachel holds the key. She guides you through a session in a gentle way, yet targets precisely what needs attending too. The depth of emotion that would surface in me often surprised me and Rachel was reassuring and would lighten things up at the right moment.  Her warmth and connection made me feel like she genuinely cared and was fully committed to helping me. The whole experience was effective and surprisingly enjoyable.  

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“Rachel’s calmness, knowledge and experience helped me pinpoint some of the issues that were constantly occupying me and making me feel overwhelmed. Thanks to her, I also learnt how to calm myself.”

Joulie, UK

KP, United Kingdom

SB, Australia

UP, Slovenia

I met Rachel when I was at my lowest point, almost giving up on my healing. It’s been seven years since I got ill with a severe neurological condition and I have worked with many energy healers and tried out a few emotional healing techniques, but nothing worked for me. Rachel helped me to confront my fears about my illness and my future, which I haven`t managed to do all this time and it felt like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. We also addressed some behavior patterns, which were draining my body on a daily level, I learnt how to handle social events and I was so relieved that my chronic constipation has finally resolved. I now feel relaxed and optimistic about my future and I could also see that my partner is more at ease and cheerful. Rachel is truly dedicated to help and one of the most compassionate person I have ever met!” 

Karen, Canada

Rachel helped me look into my past to figure out exactly what my experiences were that was causing my fears and anxiety. She helped me uncover these childhood situations that actually helped drive my mental blocks and I had no idea they even existed before working with her! She helped me make EFT tapping almost second nature now and more meaningful than when I was just reading up on it on my own.

AC, Australia

I don’t fully understand how it works, but it does. I have been working with Rachel for almost a year and I’m a better person from it. She has an amazing ability to make you feel safe and allow the magic to work. She has helped me through past trauma so that I can be a better mother and more successful in my business. I love my sessions and I look forward to seeing what unfolds each time.

Annette, Israel

Working with Rachel has been very enlightening. She helped me move forward with a project that had been stalled for a long time. She was professional, she is skilled at EFT and helped to identify the rout cause. I highly recommend working with her to help you move forward in your business or on a personal issue.

MB, Australia

Sessions with Rachel have been a real game-changer in for my life. It’s given me the tools I can use to deal with everyday challenges but also look deeper inside me to heal my body and my mind by working on past traumas and events. Rachel is such an empathetic practitioner who really cares for her client’s well being. It’s so easy to open up and be ‘real you’ under her guidance which I normally find very difficult. I loved her enthusiasm, life experience and her sense of humour which combined helped me stay focused and keep working on myself during and between our sessions.


I am very pleased that I took the opportunity to try EFT with you. Both sessions were conducted with complete professionalism but I also felt comfortable enough to truly confide in you (which I failed to do with other therapists). By the end of the sessions I managed to conquer and understand my thought patterns towards certain life events. I have also been able to use the tapping techniques to reduce any further onsets of anxiety. I can truly say that EFT has made me develop much better habits and has taught me that I am in complete control of what happens to me. I would definitely recommend this to others and would continue to do it myself.

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