I’m an emotional stress mentor and coach specialising in stress management for chronic illness recovery!

Begin Your
Journey to Healing:

Powerful tools to get you started

Explore tools that empower self-discovery, setting the stage for a balanced and rejuvenated life.

Masterclass -
Breaking Free from Chronic Illness in 5 Steps

Transform your journey to wellness with my Masterclass. It’s designed to empower you with the knowledge you need to take practical steps to elevate your recovery and break free from the cycle of chronic illness.

Unlock the healing power of EFT

This beginner’s guide is for you if you’re new to EFT or not getting as much out of it as you’d like. It offers essential tips to effectively calm your nervous system, and activate the healing potential of EFT. In this e-book I give you practical advice on how to harness this powerful mind-body tool.

Experience restful nights with my 'EFT for Sleep Meditation' audio

This popular meditation, originally a hit on my channel, is now an easily accessible audio tool. Designed to quiet overthinking and induce relaxation, it’s your perfect companion for a good night’s sleep, harnessing the calming effects of EFT to prepare you for deep rest.

Take Back Your Power Over Your Health Workshop

Dive into a serene experience with my  workshop, featuring a special visualization exercise tailored to ease symptoms and promote calmness. This session guides you through imagery techniques alongside EFT that help in soothing your mind and body, offering a unique approach to symptom management and relaxation.

Embrace self-love with my 'Body Love EFT Meditation.'

This guided meditation set to binaural beats leads you through a nurturing and calming conversation with your body, using EFT techniques to foster a deeper sense of appreciation and connection. It’s a gentle journey towards embracing your body with kindness and love.

Calm your symptom flares with my 'EFT Meditation'

This meditation offers a gentle yet effective way to alleviate the stress and discomfort of symptom spikes. Using EFT, I guide you through a soothing process to reduce intensity, fear and bring relief during these challenging moments.

Rebuild your confidence in your healing journey

Download this ‘Regaining Trust in Your Recovery’ meditation. This guided EFT meditation helps you to clear doubts, open up to self-compassion and reinforce your belief in the healing process.

Ease anxiety fast

This brief yet powerful meditation is specifically designed to reduce anxiety swiftly using EFT and visualisation techniques. Ideal for moments when you need immediate relief, it guides you through a focused, calming process, helping you regain peace and control in just three minutes.


Work with me 1:1 or in a group to unlock your inner wisdom and embrace empowered chronic illness recovery. Transcend health overwhelm, nurture self-trust, cultivate resilience, rediscover joy, and evolve from calmness to recovery.

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Need more help?

I specialise in helping clients to harness the power of the mind body connection in their recoveries through the power of Identity work, neuroplasticity, trauma release, mentoring and education.

Let’s work together to develop a plan tailored to your unique situation and move  you towards a future where you thrive, not just survive.