Rachel O'Connor

Emotional Health Coach

About Rachel

Rachel is a coach, mentor and EFT practitioner who supports people to free themselves from chronic illness, fatigue and pain after she has overcome her own decades long health struggles. She uses a unique mix of modalities and her own proven ARISE process to take people from fearful to limitless with their own chronic health issues and helps them develop coping strategies for life to finally provide the conditions that their body needs to truly thrive.

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Rachel O'Connor

You may be

  • Suffering with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, TMJ, IBS, chronic pain or an autoimmune disease
  • Feeling worn down and exhausted
  • Seeing anxiety and panic take over
  • Unable to control the stress in your life
  • Being held back in your healing by limiting beliefs or behaviours
  • Unsure how to really shift the needle and move towards a life of abundant health
  • Feeling grief about what’s been taken from you by the illness
  • Dealing with guilt and frustration

Working with me can result in

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Emotional tools and strategies to help you move forward in your health recovery
  • Reconnecting with your intuition
  • Saying goodbye to limiting beliefs and unhelpful behaviours
  • Seeing a return of lightness and joy in your life
  • Greater empowerment and clarity on what you need to heal
  • Greater mastery over your emotions
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