I’m an emotional stress mentor and coach specialising in stress management for chronic illness recovery!

Hello I’m Rachel

Mind Body Coach

Are you struggling with a chronic condition and feeling like your emotions are holding you back? It doesn’t have to be that way.  I can help you raise your emotional energy, break through mental barriers, heal from trauma, and cultivate a more compassionate and kind relationship with yourself.

Chronic illness recovery shouldn’t be overwhelming. In fact, as I found, it can be a calm and empowering journey. With my Power to Heal group coaching program and personalised 1:1 programme I’ll guide you in removing emotional obstacles, mastering stress management, adopting healing mindsets, and raising your emotional energy to unleash your body’s natural healing powers. 

Let’s kickstart your journey to true chronic illness recovery together!


Learn to talk to your body with kindness, calm the fear of symptom flares and reignite your trust in the healing process all to binaural beats!

Remove the barriers and kick start recovery

Are you struggling with chronic illness despite following all the right protocols? Emotional healing may be the missing piece. Our emotional state can play a significant role in our ability to recover from chronic illness. Through my support, you’ll learn tools to manage the emotional stress that comes with chronic illness, feel more aligned with healing, and less overwhelmed. I specialise in identifying and removing emotional blocks using the power of EFT, a technique shown to calm the nervous system, reduce stress hormones, anxiety, PTSD and promote relaxation. Whether you choose my Power to Heal program or work with me one-on-one or both, I’ll create a safe, calm, and supportive space for you to release emotional baggage. Let’s work together to develop a plan tailored to your unique situation and move towards a future where you thrive, not just survive.

What my clients say