Rachel O'Connor

Emotional Health Coach

What I do

Are you you ready for change in your life but feel stuck in chronic illness, pain, stress and anxiety?

In my practice I use tools like EFT, to enable you to remove the blocks in your way to the happiest, healthiest you. I empower you with the tools and strategies that you need to reduce overwhelm and support you to develop ease. lightness and resilience. So you can become calm and move towards living the life you are supposed to have.

As we all have different experiences, beliefs and physiology, I focus on providing a safe, judgement-free, compassionate space. So you can come as you are before we identify and start working towards who you want to be emotionally and physically.

You may be

  • Beaten down by chronic illness 
  • Seeing anxiety and panic take over
  • Having your health undermined by stress
  • Being help back in your healing by limiting beliefs or behaviours
  • Unsure how to really shift the needle and move towards a life of abundant health
  • Feeling grief about what’s been taken from you by the illness

Working with me can result in

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • A sense of peace with the past
  • Emotional tools and strategies to help you move forward in your health recovery
  • Reconnecting with your intuition
  • Saying goodbye to limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • Seeing a return of lightness and joy in your life
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